GeoGebra Download
This is a download recommended for IB Math students.It is a free mathematics software for teaching and learning that includes interactive graphics, algebra and spreadsheet.
At school: choose Applet Start.
At home: choose Applet Start OR WebStart to download

CHSEE Practice Tests

West Valley High School CAHSEE

Mathematics Practice Test CAHSEE

HS Tutorials -- CAHSEE

Argus High CAHSEE Tutorials

CAHSEE Test Practice Questions

Graph paper printer
This program will make many types of graph paper and it is free.
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Isometric Dot Paper
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National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Go to the virtual library and select topics such as Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Data Anaylsis and probability, then go to your grade level for activities which help practice those concepts..ions of the major contributions of mathematicians.
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Biographies of Mathematicians
Thousands of biographies of contributors to the field of matematics.ions of the major contributions of mathematicians.
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Women Mathematicians
Excellent biographies featuring personal information as well as their contributions.
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Figure This! Math Challenges for Families
28 challenges families can use with fun facts, problems, and a Spanish version of "Family Corner" is available to print.
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Mathematics Lessons that are Fun! Fun! Fun!
Geared to all levels from K-12, this site features 22 lessons and activities. "I love calculus" is particularly geared to high school students.
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The MacTutor History of Mathematics
Information about mathematicians and the history of mathematics.
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Math Forum
Contains links to lesson plans, math web sites.
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SAT Math
Take a diagnostic quiz, use tutorials, and drills to prepare for the SAT.
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Positive and Negative Numbers
Explains positive and negative numbers and their relation to the number line.
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Ask Dr. Math
Prime factorization, divisibility rules and much more. Learn how and why these math calculations work.
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Math Homework Help
One can e-mail math problems and receive step-by-step instructions, links to a math dictionarly, formulas from algebra and trigonometyry, postulates, theorems and corollaries from geometry and a chronology of mathematicians. .
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Math in Daily Life
A wide variety of math problems are presented using real life examples.
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Topics in Mathematics: Trigonometry
Dozens of links to trxigonometry websites.
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World Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics
The Math Education section features tutorials, games, lessons, and other instructional materials.
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Math Projects for Science Fairs
Maintained by the Canadian Mathematical Society.
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SCORE Mathematics Lessons
Lessons written especially for California educators, reflecting the mathematics standards and NCTM standards.
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Updated 01/15/2009